Cyber Security is foremost in our minds when designing, implementing and supporting our clients IT networks. Brightridge uses proven technologies and world class providers to protect our clients data networks from external and internal threats.  

We provide industry leading security software to help guard our clients data whether this is in the cloud or on premise.  We provide protection using anti-malware software to protect desktops, servers and mobile devices.  This service also protects our clients from email attacks and web based threats.

Brightridge provides Managed Firewall solutions deploying Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices at the perimeter of our clients networks, effectively controlling inbound and outbound data whilst protecting Internet facing services within the network.

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Brightridge has been providing their clients with security software from Webroot for a number of years. Webroot Business Security software is one of the leading security software services available today.

Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity® solutions were designed from the ground up to stop advanced threats like ransomware and phishing, and simplify your life as a business.

For the past three years, more small businesses worldwide have trusted Trend Micro for content security than any other provider.

Out of the box, this product provides the following:

Business Endpoint Protection

DNS Protection 

Security Awareness Training


Cloud based, enterprise – grade security designed specifically for small/medium business.

Email protection

Filters emails at Trend Micro data centre in the cloud to stop spam, malware and phishing attacks.

Gives you extra security against advanced malware, zero-day threats and document exploits.

Hosted email encryption

Automatically enforces compliance requirements and protects confidential information using policy-based encryption.

Requires no hardware or software to install on devices.

Device protection

Manage your multiple device platforms all under one console.

It is hosted by Trend Micro so the management console is accessible anywhere online.

Data Protection

Limits access of USB drives and other attached devices to prevent data loss and block threats.

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Brightridge security services ensure that our clients are protected against threats using the best possible solutions available, taking into consideration that each client has differing requirements and budgetary restraints.

The baseline requirement is for endpoint protection (PC's, servers and mobile devices) software to be installed and that this is updated, scheduled scans run at regular intervals and that a firewall is in place. We provide this through a manged service in the cloud.

We also provide managed firewall solutions that control internal and external access to the Internet and data within the network. These devices as provide reporting that can be used to audit and prevent unauthorised access. Further to this, we provide security audits and vulnerability scans to help identify potential weaknesses within the network.


Brightridge Defender is  a Unified Threat Management Gateway designed to protect your network from known and emerging threats.  Using proven technology based on pfSense, these devices are designed to safely enable applications and prevent modern threats both internal and external.

The power behind Brightridge Defender is pfSense, the world’s most trusted open source network security solution. Brightridge actively manage the pfSense firewall and updates are automatically applied across all client connected devices to prevent the latest threats from damaging your critical IT Systems.

Enterprise Class Solution for Any Size of Business – Selected Features

Powerful IP filtering based on source and/or destination address

Editable rules to enable/block access to the Internet according to company Internet access policy

Stateful packet inspection – ensures traffic coming in to the network has been requested validly

Multi-WAN failover – lose your main Internet connection, the backup line will automatically go live

WEB Proxy – provide usage reports and restrict access to certain sites through whitelist/blacklist tables

Secure VPN access to your network –IPSEC for secure site to site connection, SSL VPN for secure access from a remote site/home worker

Traffic shaping (Quality of Service) to allow some data types priority – eg Voice over IP

Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateway solutions from Brightridge ensure that your network is protected from Internet based threats such as hacking, and helps protect your internal network from unauthorised access.

The benefits of this service include:

Managed firewall services where the latest vulnerability fixes are applied automatically

WEB access controls to protect staff inadvertently visiting dangerous websites

Prevent unauthorised access from unregistered devices within your network

Regular external penetration testing and internal vulnerability tests as part of the service

PCI compliant where required

Fixed monthly costs

Data Security Software
Data Security


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